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GARDEN SKILL Crop Cage Kit 1.25m x 1.25m x 1.25m

Crop Cage Kit 1.25m x 1.25m x 1.25m Quite simply the most flexible fruit cage system available. Great for brassicas, gooseberries, blueberries and other medium sized fruit and veg plants and available in a range of different sizes Features 1.25m wide x 1.25m long x 1.25m tall Build It Kit. Powder coated aluminium poles and rubber connecting balls are used to make this solid and robust modular, self-build kit. All kits are supplied with 20mm bird netting, ground spikes, netting pegs to construct this adaptable fruit frame.

IM LEISURE Marbella Stripe Swing Seat

Marbella Stripe Swing Seat The Marbella collection from offers pure chic with vibrant reds to create a modern and stylish look. Set against a matte black frame, our range of chairs, swing seats and gliders will add a taste of the Mediterranean to your outdoor space. Features 200 x 135 x 154cm 49kg

Jersey Plants Direct Autumn Foliage Filler 24 Jumbo Tray Plants

Autumn Foliage Filler 24 Jumbo Tray Plants This collection of foliage and filler plants offers more flexibility with the design and planting of your hanging baskets, containers, window boxes etc. A fantastic complement to your Autumn bedding plants.

Zink Planters Zinc Tall Trough Planter - L95cm x W35cm with Insert

Zinc Tall Trough Planter - L95cm x W35cm with Insert This tall trough planter is sure to add a touch of contemporary sophistication to your garden. Its modern, versatile design will look stunning wherever you choose to place it. Features Zinc galvanised coating which gives it added resistance to the elements , ensuring a longer lifespan Removable planter insert means the planter does not need to be completely filled with soil Lightweight and easy to move Drainage hole and bung supplied to release/retain water Simple, contemporary design is striking and versatile The clean lines of this contemporary planter contrast well against the soft contours of box balls, bamboos, phormiums, hostas and grasses. Alternatively, you can set off its surface against the shimmering silver foliage and purple flowerheads of lavender or verbena. It comes with a removable insert , this means that the planter does not need to be entirely filled up with soil, making it lighter and more economical . This feature also makes the planter much easier to fill and empty. It also has a central drainage hole to let out excess water. Dimensions Overall size: Length 95cm (3ft 1

Rowlinson Plastic Garden Store

Plastic Garden Store This quality garden store made from tough durable plastic is just what you need if your limited on space or just looking to return some order to your garden. This easy to assemble item is completely weather proof and comes with double lockable doors on the front and and a handy lifting lid for easy access on the top. Features lifting lid for easy access ventilation panels double doors sturdy floor all plastic parts no tools needed for assembly lockable (padlock not supplied) weatherproof Dimensions Height 118cm (46.4 inches) Width 144cm (56.6 inches) Depth 83cm (32.6 inches)

Lucas Stone Duck Statue

Duck Statue This handcrafted duck stands to attention in an upright pose, though there will be no waddling around for this particular duck. Made from reconstituted stone , it has almost exactly the same appearance as quarried stone. Features Reconstituted stone - almost indistinguishable from quarried stone Handmade - casting process and stone crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality Stone composition enables spontaneous moss growth - quickly develops an antique patina , blending in with your garden endfab_1 --> The structure of the stone encourages moss and lichen growth; this enables the piece to acquire an antique appearance so that it will effortlessly blend in with the surroundings of your garden. This statue has been handmade by specialist craftsmen who ensure that every piece meets the same high standards . The reconstituted stone has been finished using a special process, developed over the years, that results in a texture and colour that is almost identical to quarried stone. Specifications Height: 40cm (1ft 3

Gardman Fleece Grow Tunnel

Fleece Grow Tunnel Fleece For Shade, Pest And Frost Protection This fleece grow tunnel offers great protection whilst helping create an ideal growing enviroment. With a tough wire frame construction, this fleece tunnel features an elasticated end enclosure with ground peg for security and easy access through lift-up sides. Dimensions: 3m x 45cm Also Available: Polythene Grow Tunnel Netting Grow Tunnel

Lucas Stone Sphere Stone Statues - Set of 3

Sphere Stone Statues - Set of 3 Sphere sculptures have long been said to be popular due to the shape of the Earth, and the gravitational pull we feel towards it. Whether or not you believe this, spheres are fantastic for accenting a garden or courtyard space, and adding a little grandeur to your home. Features Well made with attention to detail on the shape of the spheres Handmade by craftsmen from composite stone Will develop an antique patina over time, as well as attracting moss and lichen endfab_1 --> These rolling stones will gather moss! Handmade in the UK with care and attention , the composite stone constructions will weather beautifully through time and exposure to outside conditions. They will also attract lichen and moss, which will give them a sense of history . Specifications Small Sphere: Diameter 23cm (9in) Weight 16kg Large Sphere: Diameter 33cm (1ft 1in) Weight 40kg Grand Sphere: Diameter 41cm (1ft 4in) Weight 72kg

Primrose Plants Double Flowered Iris Iris ensata - 1L Pot

Double Flowered Iris Iris ensata - 1L Pot These lovely irises are just what you need to bring a splendid injection of natural colour to your pond and garden. This deciduous marginal plant is happiest in boggy soil and can grow up to 100cm tall over its lifespan of 2-5 years. The magnificent flowers bloom in numbers of three and four to a stem, making this hardy little perennial a colourful addition to your pond margin. Characteristics: Foliage Colour: green Flower Colour: rich purple Max. spread: 50cm Flowering Time: summer Uses: beds, borders, bogs, pond margins Exposure: exposed, sheltered Habit: clump forming Hardiness: very hardy Rate of Growth: moderate Requirements: Light Requirements: full sun, partial shade Soil Requirements: acidic, loamy Moisture Requirements: wet, boggy Planting: Plant about 5cm below well-drained, acidic soil with partial shade. Prefers moist conditions and is drought intolerant once established. Water regularly. This plant is suitable for zones 1 and 2 of a pond. Caring and Maintenance: Prune dead flowers to keep tidy and cut back after flowering season for maximum regrowth. A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. Perennials are flowering plants which grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter. They typically grow structures that allow them to adapt to living from one year to the next through a form of vegetative reproduction rather than seeding. Perennial plants often have deep, extensive root systems which can hold soil to prevent erosion, capture dissolved nitrogen before it can contaminate ground and surface water, and outcompete weeds. They grow very well in conditions that are poor in resources due to their earlier emergence in the spring, and the development of larger root systems which can access water and soil nutrients deeper in the soil.

Fibre G Planters Tall Round Fibreglass Planter - Gel Coat Black - Large H140 x 55cm

Tall Round Fibreglass Planter - Gel Coat Black The geometric design suits the clean lines of contemporary architecture and planting, combined with a contemporary high gloss finish these planters are a very popular choice for any modern garden. These top quality fibreglass planters have a special gel coat making them very hard wearing, this commercial finish means the colour runs all the way through the 2mm thick gel finish. The colour will be maintained even with surface scratches. Fibreglass and resin is a wonderfully versatile material which is light-weight, frost-proof, tough, low maintenance and non-corrosive. Additional Info: Dimensions: Small - H88cm x W40cm x D40cm (34.6 x 15.7 x 15.7 inch) Medium - H100cm x W43cm x D43cm (39.3 x 16.9 x 16.9 inch) Large - H140cm x W55cm x D55cm (55.1 x 21.6 x 21.6 inch) Drainage Holes: None

Gardman English Rose Triple Pot Wall Planter

English Rose Triple Pot Wall Planter This beautiful wall-mounted planter boasts an intricate rose design and elegant cream finish that will add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor space. Features Made from beautifully crafted iron - both beautiful and durable Painted cream finish and intricate rose design create a natural, elegant aesthetic 3 removable pots allow you to create your own unique arrangement Can be affixed to a wall - perfect for those with limited planting space Ideal for climbing plants - intricate rose design will provide support This decorative wall planter features an intricate rose pattern that is both beautiful and functional. It will provide support for climbing plants , giving them something to wind around. This planter is very versatile - the three removable pots mean that you can create your own unique arrangement . Its iron structure is both charming and highly durable , and its fresh cream finish will complement a variety of outdoor spaces. Specifications Pot size: Height 10cm (4ins) x Diameter 12cm (5ins) Overall: Height 52cm (20ins) x Width 40cm (16ins) x Depth 16cm (6ins)

Alium Furniture Steel Tree Seat in Cream - Full Circle Ischia by Alium

Steel Tree Seat in Cream - Full Circle Ischia by Alium

Bosmere Bosmere Cover Up 300cm 8 Seater Circular Patio Set Garden Furniture Cover

Bosmere Cover Up 300cm 8 Seater Circular Patio Set Garden Furniture Cover Protect your garden furniture set with this cover all year round. The cover is made from the finest quality PVC backed polyester to protect your furniture from adverse conditions and harmful UV rays. It is neatly finished off with a handy water shedding pole. Features: Water shedding pole included PVC backed polyester for durability UV protection will help to stop furniture from fading Waterproof Full winter protection Easy to clean Lightweight Brass coated eyelets Ties and cord locks included Abrasion resistant Extend the life of your garden set with this tough and durable cover. It is backed with PVC coating for high quality and longevity. Polyester is a wonderfully versatile material that is perfectly suited for garden furniture, as it combines weather resistance, abrasion resistance, low maintenance, and light-weight design together with high durability and strength. The cover is supplied with an easy-to-use water shedding pole, which is stood under the cover to lift it above any highback chairs to shed rain water. Made from plastic coated lightweight steel and a plastic moulded top cap, the long-lasting pole will not damage the cover. The cover also comes with eyelets, heavy duty ties, and cord locks so you can easily fix it. When necessary, just wipe it clean and pack it away. After use you can store it almost anywhere, as it takes up a surprisingly small space. Dimensions: Height: 90cm (36) Diameter: 300cm (118)

Alexander Rose Alexander Rose Tivoli Round Roble Dining Table - 1.25m

Tivoli Round Roble Dining Table - 1.25m The ideal accompaniment to a set of garden chairs, this table will allow you to enjoy alfresco dining and barbecues. The Tivoli range, an example of sophisticated design , features precise angles and horizontal slats of wood. Constructed from durable Roble timber, this table has been built to last . Features Roble - durable hardwood with a charming light yellow colour FSC* certified - responsibly sourced timber The Roble timber used in construction is light yellow in colour, but if left untreated this will mellow down to a silver-grey appearance. Roble is a tough hardwood with similar properties to Teak. It has a tightly interlocked grain and an expected life span of 25 years or longer. Please note: this furniture arrives flat packed, and may require minimal self assembly. Specifications Height: 73cm (28

WOLF-Garten Wolf Garten Medium Bypass Secateurs

Wolf Garten Medium Bypass Secateurs Make pruning easy with the Wolf Garten medium bypass secateurs. The bypass secateurs are useful for precise and delicate pruning. The blades have a non-stick coating to make them easy to clean and able to prune effectively and accurately. The secateurs have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to provide an optimum cutting performance. Product Features Suitable for left and right handed use Blades have a non-stick coating for easy use Handle is comfortable and easy to grip Has an internal spring mechanism Durable and long lasting These secateurs are easy to use and extremely hard wearing. The blades have a non-stick coating, making them easy to clean and ideal for precise pruning. Tested for up to 100,000 cuts, the secateurs are exceptionally long lasting and will provide an outstanding cutting performance even after years of pruning. They are designed for both right and left handed use and are suitable for medium size hands. Dimensions Cutting Diameter 2.2cm (0.9ins)

Mercia Ltd Mercia 6ft x 4ft Overlap Reverse Apex Shed

Mercia 6ft x 4ft Overlap Reverse Apex Shed A high quality overlap style shed; this building is constructed in 7mm overlap cladding , made from timber sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests . Overlap cladding is the traditional way sheds have been made for centuries, which has a rustic aesthetic, and good water run-off from the lip of the boards. Suitable for any type of garden or outside space, this is the perfect working space , and offers good amounts of storage . Features 7mm overlap cladding - traditional style boards for a shed OSB (oriented strand board) floor and roof - great structural strength Easy use turn button securing method Single door gives easy access to your stored items 1 fixed styrene window to let in plenty of light Mineral felt roof cover which offers OSB roof protection from the elements Sturdy 28mm x 28mm frame - strong and provides good support Comes flat-packed with fittings and instructions for self-assembly. Dimension Height Width Depth Doors Windows 7ft x 5ft 1.96m 6ft 5

Lucas Stone Giant Left Hand Stone Sculpture

Giant Left Hand Stone Sculpture This eccentric sculpture will add a sense of surrealism to your home. If you love you garden and are a fan of the famous surrealist artists, such as Magritte and Dali, then this sculpture will be right up your street. It has been handcrafted in reconstituted stone , a material that has been around for centuries, with an appearance almost identical to that of quarried stone. Features Reconstituted stone - hard wearing, almost indistinguishable from quarried stone Handmade - stone crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality Versatile - the statue can be placed in a variety of positions Stone composition enables spontaneous moss growth - quickly develops an antique patina , blending in with your garden endfab_1 --> Specialist craftsmen have crafted this piece by hand to ensure that every sculpture is finished to a high standard. Reconstituted stone has been around for centuries but first became very popular in stately homes in the 16th century. In the 20th century the method of creating reconstituted stone improved so that it became possible to create sculptures that are even more durable and hard wearing . Specifications Height 86cm (2ft 9

Athelas Plants Terracotta Pot - Medium (31cm tall by 41cm wide)

Terracotta Pot - Medium (31cm tall by 41cm wide) Hand moulded and fired at ferocious temperatures to give an authentic Tuscan feel. Excellent outdoor pot Comes with drainage holes Features Medium (31cm tall by 41cm wide)

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