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Zink Planters Black Square Flared Planter - H31cm

Black Square Flared Planter - H31cm Made from galvanised steel , this zinc planter is ideal for architectural plants, such as grasses and cordylines. Its clean, contemporary lines form the perfect contrast for large, ornate plants, and will add a touch of showmanship to your garden. Galvanised steel is weather resistant and highly durable Striking contemporary design will complement both traditional and modern gardens Central drainage hole and bung make it more convenient to drain the soil Lightweight, versatile, and easily portable - can be conveniently placed in a location of your choice This zinc galvanised planter is not only beautiful - it is durable and functional . Its steel construction is lightweight yet sturdy, and its protective coat of zinc will help to protect against corrosion . Boasting a versatile contemporary design, and available in five different sizes as listed below , this striking black planter is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor spaces. It will contrast beautifully with all kinds of plants, and is versatile and easily repositioned. The planter comes with a central drainage hole : a bung is supplied, but we cannot guarantee that the planter will always be 100% watertight. Available in five sizes. See below for more information. Additional Info: Dimensions: Extra Small - Height 31cm x Width 19cm x Depth 19cm RRP Small - Height 38cm x Width 25cm x Depth 25cm RRP Medium - Height 44cm x Width 30cm x Depth 30cm RRP Large - Height 35cm x Width 35cm x Depth 50cm RRP Extra Large - Height 55cm x Width 41cm x Depth 41cm RRP Drainage Holes: Yes (bung supplied) The above image shows all five available sizes together.

Zink Planters Tall Round Zinc Planter - Black - 38cm

Tall Round Zinc Planter - Black - 38cm This Tall Round Zinc Planter combines function with design. With a simple striking shape, it will be an asset to your home and is far superior to coventional planters. Made from corrosion resistant steel, this planter can be used both indoors where it will complement modern interiors, or outdoors where it has a high resistance against all weather conditions. It has been designed with a sleek, cone-like shape that will look great lined up against a wall or framing a door, and is complete with a simple yet attractive pattern for extra charm. Product Features Zinc galvanised coating which gives it added resistance against the elements, ensuring a longer lifespan Made from steel for extra strength Hole at the bottom provides drainage and comes supplied with a stopper Lightweight and easy to move Versatile construction makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Finished with a simple motif for a classy aesthetic This planter has been manufactured from high quality steel with zinc galvanising. This process adds a coat of zinc to the planter to help improve its resistance against corrosion caused by both the atmosphere and the elements. It also offers cathodic protection which means that if the planter is scratched and exposes the steel underneath, the zinc will form a galvanic cell that will protect the steel from corrosion. This planter is very lightweight, meaning that it can be moved with ease and features a central hole in the bottom that will allow for drainage. A bung is supplied to plug the drainage hole if required and it is finished with a simple yet decorative pattern that will enhance any setting in which it is placed. Dimensions Height: 38cm (15ins) x Diameter: 28cm (11ins)

Taylor Clematis Nursery Designer Natural Luxury Holly Wreath Gold

Invite festivity and Christmas cheer into your home with this beautiful luxury wreath. Crafted with all-natural products, pine cones, holly leaves, berries, cupressus and cinnamon sticks, this product is a sight for sore eyes and is just the thing to welcome weary travellers. Finished with glistening gold baubles and a charming gold bow, this wreath is sure to warm the hearts of all those who enter your home. All of our gorgeous wreaths are delivered carefully in a special box for optimum protection during transit. Specifications: Diameter 46cm (18in)

Europa Leisure Arthur Statue

Arthur Statue At 89cm Arthur will sit nicely amongst a mature garden, the weathered bronze finish makes this statue a real elegant addition to the traditional range of Sculptures. Features Height: 89cm Width: 35cm Depth: 30cm Weight: 12kg

Gardman Potato Tubs - 2 Pack

Potato Tubs - 2 Pack Grow potatoes from your own garden or patio, no matter how small it is. This simple design offers a great way to start to grow your own. Made from durable polypropylene, the tubs have carry handles making relocating simple, and holes for drainage. These tubs also feature a reinforcing ring for the top rim and two harvesting flaps to make harvesting your potatoes even easier. Round design featuring reinforcing ring Handles Side flaps for easy harvesting Packs down for easy storage This product requires no assembly. Potato Growing Kit - Save

Capital Garden Citrus Planters

Product Description: These top quality planters look like terracotta but are in fact made from fibreglass and resin, with an authentic terracotta finish. Fibreglass and resin is a wonderfully versatile material which is light-weight, frost-proof, tough, low maintenance and non-corrosive. Ideal for use inside and out, they are supplied without drainage holes as standard; we can pre-drill drainage holes if required. Available in four sizes: Small - H 29cm (1ft); Top Dia 36cm (1ft 2); Base Dia 22cm (9 inch); Weight 3kg -

Grizzly Hand Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower with Collection Bag

Hand Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower with Collection Bag Features 38cm cutting width, 40ltr Grass Bag, Cutting height adjustment 14-43mm. Maintenance free ball bearing mounted blade cylinder in special steel with precision milling. Contact Free cutting technology, exeptionally smooth running, quiet and energy efficient.

Apollo Gardening Marta Wooden Raised Bed

Marta Wooden Raised Bed This charming raised bed with 4 planting sections and a storage shelf is the perfect way to grow your own herbs and vegetables in a small garden, allotment, or on your patio. Features: Compact design allows gardening on patios, balconies and in small yards 4 planting sections allow a variety of plants to grow easily Storage shelf - convenient for keeping your garden equipment in one place Pressure treated pine for extended lifespan and durability Lifted gardening area for comfort - no need for low bending Ideal for planting herbs and vegetables Suitable for all gardeners including children, the elderly, and the handicapped Perfect for outdoor use The raised garden bed is specially designed to suit the whole family. The elderly can find it difficult to do gardening on traditional raised beds that are very low, as it takes a lot of their energy to bend down when caring for vegetables. With this raised bed, your plants start growing from more than 50cm off the ground, making it the perfect solution to avoid low bending; at the same time, the raised bed is low enough for children to use. The planter is made from solid, pressure treated pine. The pressure treatment protects the wood from rot, makes it insect resistant, and allows the planter to be suitable for outdoor use all year round. Dimensions: Length: 80cm (31.5) x Width: 60cm (23.6) x Height: 79.5cm (31.3) Please note: this product will arrive flat packed and require assembly

Smart Solar Lightweight Potato Barrels - Pack of 3

Lightweight Potato Barrels Pack of 3 Grow potatoes from your own garden or patio, no matter how small it is. Using this 3 pot solution, if you plant your first crop early enough, you will be able to get a second, and possibly even a third crop under way so that you have fresh home grown potatoes for 9 months of the year. Eliminate the need for digging. When the crop is ready, you can either remove a few potatoes at a time, or simply tip the whole thing out, bag up your fresh new spuds, and store them in a dark cool place to use as needed. This product requires no assembly. --> Potato Growing Kit - Save

Kookaburra Kookaburra 5.4m Square Blue Waterproof Woven Shade Sail

Kookaburra 5.4m Square Blue Waterproof Woven Shade Sail

Stowasis Water Feature Pumps 30,000 LPH - mains powered

Water Feature Pumps 30,000 LPH - mains powered Our best range of pumps for powering water features and cascade waterfalls . They come in a wide range of sizes and the design of the pump does vary (see table below) depending on the litres per hour (LPH) of the pump. These pumps are supplied without fountainheads or other accessories. Hello Christine - Your customer service has been splendid, thank you. Many thanks for your excellent service - Roy Our pumps are reliable, efficient and guaranteed for two years. We recommend them for use in water features and cascades / waterfalls. They do not come with fountainheads and are not for creating fountains

Primrose Plants Common Spike-rush Eleocharis palustris - 3x 9cm Pots

Common Spike-rush Eleocharis palustris - 3x 9cm Pots Eleocharis palustris is a rhizomatous, aquatic perennial with upright green stems surrounded by leaf sheaths. It bears brownish, oval-shaped flowering spikes in summer and autumn. Characteristics: Flower Colour: green-brown Foliage Colour: dark green Approx. Growth Height: up to 70cm Flowering Time: summer Uses: bog gardens, pond margins Tolerance: non-frost tolerant until established Growing Habit: clump-forming, spreading, upright Exposure: exposed or sheltered Hardiness: hardy Rate of Growth: will reach maximum height in 5-10 years Caution: This plant is toxic if eaten, and may cause skin and eye irritation. Handle carefully, and wash hands after contact. Requirements: Light Requirements: full sun Soil Requirements: loam, chalky, sandy, clay, neutral, acid Moisture: pond/in water Caring and Maintenance: This plant is sensitive to frost, which is why we recommend planting in an aquatic planting basket. These baskets are handy when the plant needs to be stored in a frost free environment in the winter months. Planting: Plant spread: up to 3m Plant in aquatic basket of loamy soil, fully submerged. Propagate by division and seeds in spring. A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. Perennials are flowering plants which grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter. They typically grow structures that allow them to adapt to living from one year to the next through a form of vegetative reproduction rather than seeding. Perennial plants often have deep, extensive root systems which can hold soil to prevent erosion, capture dissolved nitrogen before it can contaminate ground and surface water, and outcompete weeds. They grow very well in conditions that are poor in resources due to their earlier emergence in the spring, and the development of larger root systems which can access water and soil nutrients deeper in the soil.

Handy Garden Groom Pro Trimmer and Shaper

Simply a perfect tool for trimming and shaping - this model is ideal for the larger hedge runs. Features Cuts, shreds and collects clippings Lightweight

Zest4Leisure Emily Love Seat

Emily Love Seat This beautifully crafted companion seat joins the Emily range to offer a comfortable place for two to rest and enjoy the garden. Features Dimensions: 1.94m x 0.83m x 0.95m 60 Kg

Lucas Stone Partnership Stone Statue

Partnership Stone Statue Show your love for your partner, and how much support you lend to each other with this partnership statue. Representing the way a couple watch over and look after each other, this statue is handcrafted and meaningful. Features Well made with attention to detail on the shape of the statue Handmade by craftsmen from composite stone Will develop an antique patina over time, as well as attracting moss and lichen endfab_1 --> Crafted to create the shape of two seated or lying figures, this statue is delicate and inspired. Handmade in the UK with care and attention , the composite stone construction will weather beautifully through time and exposure to outside conditions. It will also attract lichen and moss, which will give it a sense of history . Specifications Height 42cm (1ft 4

Rondeau Leisure Folding Beach Chair

Folding Beach Chair Features Product Dimensions: 770 X 450 X 540mm

Stone And Water Curled Leaf Water Feature (70cm)

Curled Leaf Water Feature (70cm) A solid granite garden water feature with integral light shining through the centre. Stone and water are important elements and no garden, traditional or modern, is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over stone. Combine water with light at night, and the effect in the garden is magical. The feature includes 10m of cable on both the pump and light and needs 2 power supplies; it is easy to install although you will need two or three people to lift it. Dimensions: 70cm high, 55kg

CPL Supagrill Cruccolini Massa Medium Trolley Barbecue

Supagrill Cruccolini Massa Medium Trolley Barbecue The Cruccolini range from Supagrill is a traditional wrought iron collection of Italian barbecues . The Massa model is a medium sized barbecue designed to be quick to assemble and features a hand forged iron grill , hand forged tools and skewers, solid iron ash grill base and body and removable ash pan drawer. The Massa barbecue utilises a juice recovery system which captures juices during cooking to assist with basting and to avoid flare ups. This barbecue also features three height adjustment levels to offer searing and slow cook options. Coated with fire resistant paint , this is a hard wearing barbecue model built to last. Specifications Grill area: 68cm (2ft 2

GARDEN SKILL Crop Cage Kit 1m x 1m x 1.75m

Crop Cage Kit 1m x 1m x 1.75m Quite simply the most flexible fruit cage system available. Great for brassicas, gooseberries, blueberries and other medium sized fruit and veg plants and available in a range of different sizes Features 1m wide x 1m long x 1.75m tall Build It Kit. Powder coated aluminium poles and rubber connecting balls are used to make this solid and robust modular, self-build kit. All kits are supplied with 20mm bird netting, ground spikes, netting pegs to construct this adaptable fruit frame.

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