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Primrose Plants Monkey Musk Mimulus Luteus - 9cm Pot x 3

Monkey Musk Mimulus Luteus - 9cm Pot x 3 Mimulus Luteus is a delightful plant for ponds and margins or waterfall pools. It has fleshy and serrated foliage in a light green colour and pretty yellow flowers with red blotches on the throat and petals. Its foliage is aromatic; it gives off a musk scent when crushed. Mimulus Luteus is an annual plant, which means that after flowering period, the plant will die and emerge again the next season. Characteristics: Foliage Colour: deep green Flower Colour: yellow with red blotches Approx. Growth Height: up to 60cm Max. Spread: 30cm Planting Time: spring Flowering Time: summer Fragrance: foliage: musk scented foliage Attracts: bees and small flies Uses: zone 1 and 2 of a pond, stream edges, wet woodlands, damp grassy places, paddy field margins, roadsides, rock gardens Exposure: exposed, sheltered Hardiness: hardy Rate of Growth: fast Suitable for small, medium and large ponds Requirements: Light Requirements: full sun, partial sun Moisture: damp ground, shallow water Soil requirements: sandy, loamy, clay, acidic, neutral, alkaline, boggy Planting: Plant in a medium sized pot with up to 2cm of water or soil above the planting basket. Plant spacing: 20-30cm. Aquatic and marginal plants should be placed in pond plant baskets filled with aquatic soil (sold separately) and topped with a thin layer of gravel to help prevent the soil from washing away. This plant is suitable for zones 1 and 2 of a pond. Caring and Maintenance: Requires consistently moist soil, and additional watering may be required during low rainfall. Root division, if required, should take place in spring. Large divisions can be planted directly into their permanent positions. Regular cutting will increase growth. Marginal and pondside plants add interest, colour and structure to ponds, and offer the benefit of delightful fragrance. They are ideal for places near to patio or decking areas, where their sweet aroma can be appreciated. The plants can be positioned around the perimeter of a pond or on levelled shelves for original and attractive exposure. Marginal plants should be planted in boggy ground or shallow water for optimal growth results.

Stowasis Water Feature Pumps 750 LPH - mains powered

Water Feature Pumps 750 LPH - mains powered Our best range of pumps for powering water features and cascade waterfalls . They come in a wide range of sizes and the design of the pump does vary (see table below) depending on the litres per hour (LPH) of the pump. These pumps are supplied without fountainheads or other accessories. Hello Christine - Your customer service has been splendid, thank you. Many thanks for your excellent service - Roy Our pumps are reliable, efficient and guaranteed for two years. We recommend them for use in water features and cascades / waterfalls. They do not come with fountainheads and are not for creating fountains

Vitavia Venus 6200 Anodised Aluminium Greenhouse 6ft x 10ft

Venus 6200 Anodised Aluminium Greenhouse 6ft x 10ft Features Anodised aluminium frame - increases life span, offers corrosion resistance Single sliding door - save space, will not blow in the wind Versatile door - position on either the left or right side Lever mechanism - hold the door in any position to control the air flow 2 roof vents - adjust the ventilation to suit your plants Roof braces - ensures strength of the structure 6.2m

Zest4Leisure Post Trellis (Pack of 2)

Post Trellis (Pack of 2) This Pipe/Post Trellis provides an ingenious way of hiding intrusive downpipes or posts with an attractive climbing plant, such as a clematis or honeysuckle. Features Dimensions: 0.19m x 1.47m

Gardman Gardman 182cm x 150cm 2 Seater Hammock Furniture Cover - Black

Gardman 182cm x 150cm 2 Seater Hammock Furniture Cover - Black This furniture cover is made from long lasting PVC backed woven polyester and is double sewn for strength with rust resistant brass eyelets for durability. The vents prevent condensation and mildew from forming, whilst the drawstring and velcro keep the furniture cover firmly secured in place. Comes complete with a reusable case for easy storage when not in use. Features H170cm x W182cm x D150cm

Wych Cross Sunset - Clematis

Large flowered hybrids Rich red with scarlet bar from May-August 180-240cm

Woodfield Cultivator/Rotavator Attachment for Woodfield

Cultivator/Rotavator Attachment for Woodfield

Henry Street Nursery Blush Noisette Rose Bush - 5L Pot

Blush Noisette Rose Bush - 5L Pot Ht: 2.5m (8ft). Flowers: Small cupped blush-mauve-pink,with a rich clove scent. Repeat flowering climber. Compact habit. Features Comes in a 5.5 litre container

GLENCREST Noir Luxury Lounger Cushion Bespoke Range

Noir Luxury Lounger Cushion Bespoke Range The Bespoke Polyester Collection is made from 230 gram Polyester fabric and designed with quality and style in mind. This extra thick and comfortable range of cushions is boxed with a double piped edge. A detachable pillow is supplied with the Recliner, Steamer and Lounger cushions. This can be used as either a headrest or lumber support. Every product in The Bespoke Polyester Collection boasts a leatherette Bespoke logo. All cushions are packed in zipped hanger bags. Features Stain Resistant Re-usable Packaging Store Indoors Zipped Covers Machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade Fade Resistant Rot Resistant Reversible Cushion L198cm x W60cm x D8cm (6ft 6in x 1ft 11

Bosmere Bosmere 245cm Modular Large 3 Seater Sofa Garden Furniture Cover

Bosmere Modular Large 3 Seater Sofa Garden Furniture Cover This great value cover will extend the life of your garden furniture. It is part of the specially shaped Modular Cover Collection , which is designed for modular furniture to ensure the best protection all year round. Features: Specially shaped for modular furniture Can cover multiple pieces PVC backed polyester for durability UV protection will help to stop furniture from fading Waterproof Full winter protection Easy to clean Lightweight Brass coated eyelets Ties and cord locks included Abrasion resistant The cover is backed with PVC coating for higher quality and longevity. Polyester is a wonderfully versatile material that is perfectly suited for garden furniture, as it combines weather resistance, abrasion resistance, easy maintenance, and light-weight design together with high durability and strength. The cover comes with eyelets, heavy duty ties, and cord locks so you can easily fix it. When necessary, just wipe it clean and pack it away. After use you can store it almost anywhere, as it takes up a surprisingly small space. The cover will fit over one of the following at a time: 1 3 seater sofa 2 corner modules and 1 centre module Dimensions: Height: 68cm (27) Depth: 93cm (37) Width: 245cm (96)

Fibre G Planters Fibreglass Window Box - Matt Black - H17.5 x L76cm

Fibreglass Window Box - Matt Black This top quality window box is made from fibreglass and resin, and as a result is extremely strong and durable. The geometric design suits the clean lines of contemporary architecture and planting, combined with a superb matt black finish, these planters are a very popular choice for any modern garden. Fibreglass and resin is a wonderfully versatile material which is light-weight, frost-proof, tough, low maintenance and non-corrosive. Also Available: Fibreglass Window Box - Gel coat White Fibreglass Window Box - Graphite Dimensions: H17.5cm x W17.5cm x L76cm (7.8x7x29.9ins)

Papillion Screening Willow Fencing Screening Rolls - 5.0m x 2.0m (16ft 4 x 6ft 6)

Click here to view all sizes of willow screening rolls with discounts Huge discounts for quantity - Next day delivery on all screening Willow Fencing Screening - Rolls 2m High 5m Long This robust and eco-friendly willow screening roll will make a perfect practical addition to your garden. Bring a part of the countryside to your very own garden with this Willow fencing screening roll, which will not only be ideal for the traditional English country garden but also provide gardeners in the 21st century with the opportunity to create a natural look for modern urban spaces. Features Made from completely natural willow which means it is eco-friendly and will ensure durability Easy and practical to use - versatile design allows it to be used for a range of applications Can be used to extend the height of an existing fence to help increase privacy Ideal for outdoor use Willow cane is strong enough that it can be used to increase the height of an existing fence or wall. For example, if you had a 3ft wall or fence, you could firmly attach the 1.5m roll (4ft 11 inches high) to the existing fence to increase the overall height to 1.5m. Each roll is made of individual vertical willow canes of varying thickness usually up to 15mm in diameter. These willow screening rolls can be attached existing garden fences, garden wall, stone wall, chain link wire fencing, arbours and many other areas the garden which requires screening or shade. It can be easily attached to wooden garden fences by the use of galvanised garden staples securing top and bottom of the willow fence screening. This willow screening is a heavy duty garden screen ideal for use on existing fences to give screening or extra height. It is made from full height willow canes, each held together by the use of galvanised wire. The versatility of this product allows you to use it for a variety of applications around the garden. These include providing shade and privacy, disguising less attractive areas of the garden, such as compost heaps, or to simply add a bit of decoration to your home. This screening has been constructed from completely natural willow, which gives the product strong and durable properties that enable it to resist different environmental conditions, including strong winds and heavy rain. Whether you are going to attach the screening to an existing fence, wall, or arbour, you will need to make sure it is fixed securely. To achieve this, we recommend using our galvanised wire and ratchet strainers. PLEASE NOTE : This is a natural product and there will be variations from roll to roll and cane to cane. We cannot guarantee each roll or cane are identical as colour, width and length will vary. For example, the width/thickness of each cane in the same roll will vary between 5mm and 15mm. The average width is approx 7mm. Dimensions 5 metre (16ft 4) roll in a choice of three heights, 1m (3ft 3), 1.5m (4ft 11) and 2m (6ft 6).

Wych Cross Hagley Hybrid - Clematis

Large flowered hybrids Pink with dark anthers,

Eddingtons Eddington Eco-Compost Pail - Cream

Save money, help your garden, and reduce waste all at once with this useful compost collection pail. Attractively designed to sit in your kitchen without being an eyesore, simply place food waste into the pail ready for composting and save money on buying in compost, help your plants grow with natural compost, and reduce kitchen waste. Features Carbon filters - filters in the lid of this eco-compost pail keep your kitchen odour free Stainless steel carry handle - makes it simple to empty your compost pail into a larger compost bin Saves money and reduces waste - no need to buy in expensive compost and reduce the amount you throw away Made from high quality bamboo - high quality bamboo is biodegradable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning Specifications Height 26cm (10in) Width 20cm (8in) Depth 21cm (8

Sun Well Craft Alium

This wonderful arch will delight anyone that visits your home. It is adorned with beautiful birds and leaves, which have been delicately hand crafted to give the best finish. The arch can also support climbing plants, which will only help to enhance its elegant structure. Features: Steel construction is sturdy and strong Hand crafted intricately patterned ornate design Beautiful weathered effect gives the arch an antique appearance Can support climbing plants that will enhance the appearance of your arch Specifications Height 2.22m (7ft 3

Artopya Topiary Cactus With Moss Filling

Topiary Cactus With Moss Filling Recreate the wild west (without the guns fights, of course) with this fantastic wire-frame cactus sculpture! It will look espeically stunning once your tree has grown inside the frame, and you have prunned it to the cactus shape. Just try not to get into any duels at high noon, These 3 dimensional, hand crafted, one of a kind sculptures are made with varying gauges of metal wire which are hand shaped and then welded to form the desired design. Most pieces come in sections to allow for reduced shipping costs as well as giving alternative planting methods. These uniquely hand crafted frames will make your gardens first impression a lasting one. The frames are constructed using varying gauges of high quality metal, hand welded and wrapped, and finished with an elegant matt black powder coating to resist the elements. With every frame being hand made, this makes each piece unique. All items are manufactured in sections which helps with shipping costs and also alternative planting options. Most Topiary come in a variety of sizes and styles. We can also custom make any of our stock Topiary to any size your heart may desire! * NOTE: As every piece is hand made, all dimensions shown are approximate and may vary slightly making each one One Of A Kind. Features Height: 125cm Length: 56cm Width: 23,5 Weight: 6kg

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