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Eucalyptus archerii (Alpine Cider Gum) - 3L Pot from Norfolk Quality Plants.

Eucalyptus archerii (Alpine Cider Gum) - 3L Pot Known as Alpine Cider Gum due to its native Australian mountain environment, this eucalyptus evergreen is a successful all rounder and can also be coppiced or used for hedging. The tree displays a handsome pinkish foliage in junior growth which develops into a grey-green in maturity. The high tolerance to exposure of this tree comes as a bonus when planting. Characteristics Flower Colour: white Foliage Colour: pink/grey-green Approx. Growth Height: 12m Comes in a: 3L pot with 90cm cane Height on Arrival: 90cm Flowering Period: spring, summer Tolerance: exposure tolerant, salt tolerant Growing Habit: bushy Hardiness: hardy Exposure: exposed, sheltered Rate of Growth: medium Scented: mildly Requirements Light Requirements: full sun or partial shade Soil Requirements: neutral, clay, loam, sand Moisture: moist, well-drained Caring and Maintenance Water young trees regularly until roots are well established. Little pruning required. Apply some fertilizer in spring in order to promote healthy growth and a good crop. Check tree ties regularly and loosen any if necessary to avoid rubbing of the stems. Planting Planting Distance: 8m Suited to almost all well-drained, moist and fertile soils in a sheltered or exposed location. Best in full sun or partial shade. Before planting your tree, clean up all wandering weeds and keep a clean ring around the tree base. Water well during the first year until well established. Autumn is the best season for planting trees, as the soil moisture and heat allow easier and faster root establishment and regeneration of damaged root systems.. The Eucalyptus archerii (Alpine Cider Gum) - 3L Pot can be found in the Norfolk Quality Plants garden category.

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