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High-Powered Pest Device - Rat and Mouse from PestBye

This high-powered professional unit is designed for use in large room environments such as pubs, offices, restaurants and hotels where there are large rooms. It has basically the same functions as the Whole House device , combining both electromagnetic and ultrasonic devices, but this product has a much more powerful ultrasonic capability. This makes it ideal for large rooms such as a restaurant or pub. Equipped with three settings, including two powerful ultrasound settings. Ultrasound does not penetrate walls or other solid objects, and is best positioned with an unobstructed

PestBye from PestBye

High Powered Pest Control - Rat and Mouse Click here for more details PestBye

The Big Cheese All Weather Rodent Bait Blocks (Pack of 100) from STV

The Big Cheese All Weather Rodent Bait Blocks (Pack of 100) Perfect for use indoors or out, these bait blocks from The Big Cheese will fit almost all bait stations and have been carefully formulated to appear tasty to those pesky little critters. They are an easy and clean way to help control your rat and mouse problem, and they even stay fresh in damp or wet conditions. The blocks contain Difenacoum which has become a widely used rodent anticoagulant. Specifications 2 Packs of 50 bait blocks Weight: 1kg To dispose of dead mice or rats safely and hygienically, we recommend using our Stainless Steel Forceps:

StrongBox Rat Bait Station from STV

StrongBox Rat Bait Station Tamper resistant allen key closure ensures the box will stay where you put it even in the strongest winds. Optional gloves: Add a box of 100 disposable gloves for

Procter Pest-Stop Super Mouse and Rat Killer - (25x 40g Sachets) from Pest-Stop

Procter Pest-Stop Super Mouse and Rat Killer - (25x 40g Sachets) The Super Mouse and Rat killer is a fast and effective way to dispose of rodents. Sachets contain wholegrain bait (0.005% Difenacoum), with a unique aniseed scented attractant, which has proven to be irresistible to rodents. They eat the bait and quickly succumb to its effects; a simple way to get rid of those unwanted house guests without any mess. Features Unique aniseed scent attracts rodents , as it is particularly appealing to them Fast acting for immediate effect Supplied in 25x 40g sachets for easy measurement For use against rats and mice Full instructions included Specifications Height 12cm (4.7in) x Width 24.7cm (9.7in) x Depth 16.8cm (6.6in)

Procter Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large Rooms from Pest-Stop

Procter Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large Rooms This slim-line pest repeller will help protect your home from mice, rats, spiders and most crawling insects such as ants, silverfish and cockroaches. Simply plug device into an ordinary socket and let the device do its work. Features: Effective for areas up to 1000sq feet (93sq m) Humane - no need for poisons or glue traps No poison means no danger to your children and pets Device will look after your home 24/7 Environmentally friendly

The Big Cheese Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Halo from STV

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Halo Please note, this product is ultrasonic only. This means it will only be effective in the room you plug it into. For normal pest problems in a house, we recommend a dual function device with electromagnetic interference as well as ultrasonic sound. One dual device should be effective throughout your whole house, and also within the walls and ceilings where the pests usually hide. For example: please see our whole house pest repeller. Ultrasonic-only devices (such as the Pest Repeller Halo) are normally only used as a supplement for dual function repellers. We offer a much better value version ultrasonic mouse repeller . Whole House Ultrasonic Mouse Control Click Here Click Here


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